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About Us

Dongguan Jindian machinery co., LTD is a professional gift box packaging equipment research and development and production of enterprises, engaged in gift box packaging machinery has more than 10 years of experience, in view of the current gift box packaging industry need hands but hire more difficult, artificial your characteristics such as high cost, high automatic equipment, the company to cater to the market demand to launch a series of automatic and semi-automatic gift box packaging equipment: automatic heaven and earth cover box forming machine, automatic fillet machine and automatic carton positioning machine, and so on, comprehensive applicable to different structure and technological requirements of high-end gift box cover, heaven and earth greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality, reduce a large number of production personnel for the enterprise.

Equipment of the company since listing due to the high quality and perfect customer service service by users, currently has a large domestic enterprises printing and packaging industry Qiangqiang cooperation, the use of large quantities of our equipment, such as Yutong group, Shenzhen Lijia International Group, Donnelley group, Dongguan Hucai printing, Xiamen Liansheng group, mys the company and so on, the products are a series of HUAWEI mobile phone box, BBK's oppo and vivo mobile phone box, LETV mobile phone box, mobile phone box, CITIC lenovo mobile phone box, mobile phone box, 360 boxes and apple mobile phone Meizu series mobile 





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